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Private Label

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Do you own or plan to open a chocolate shop?

You can choose chocolates from our wide selection to match your shop concept. We can also offer support in design and printing of packing material through our reliable suppliers.



Do you own or plan to open a coffee shop, or a restaurant?

You can enrich your menu with chocolate bars with your branding and sell them on the counter as an impulse buy or offer chocolates with coffee as an added value to the customer and increase your brand awareness.



Are you a wholesaler looking for products to distribute to shops and supermarkets?

You can choose from our selection of pre-packed items which can be customized with your branding or provide your designs to be filled and packed by our dedicated team.



Are you looking for corporate gifts to show appreciation to your valued clients?

We will propose several types of boxes of various shapes and sizes, add your logo and/or gift card and you can choose the box content from our chocolate and dates selection.



Request an appointment with our Sales team and we will help you with all your queries.

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